Camp out directions page.

 Aspen Ridge Campsite.

Take Hwy. 50 west 12 miles to Hwy 9, turn right on Hwy. 9, continue on Hwy.  9 to an odometer  reading of 23.4 miles to Fremont County 2 (Tallahasse Road) turn left on County 2 continue on County 2 to an odo reading of 28.9 miles where County 2 makes a sharp right turn, turn right on County 2 and continue until an odo reading of 52.8 miles, turn right at the Public lands road sign to Cable Gulch & Herring Park, continue on this road about 1.5 miles to the 1st timbered area, camp site will be on the right.

Poncha Loop campsite. 

Take Hwy. 50 through Salida to Poncha Springs, turn left on Hwy 285, stay on 285   past the Lake O'Haver turnoff and over the crest of the pass (Poncha   Pass) go about a 1/2 mile down watching for a forest service road on   the right. Turn right on the forest service road, continue on the   forest service road until it makes a Y then turn left at the Y,   continue to the treed area then turn left for about 100 ft. Camp area   on the right. There will be signs up before the weekend.

Del Norte Campsite.

From Canon City take Hwy. 50 through Salida to the Hwy. 285 junction at   Poncha Springs, turn left on 285, Continue on 285 through Saguache to   the Hwy. 112 junction at Center, turn right on 112 , continue on 112   to Del Norte to the junction with Hwy 160, turn right on 160, go to   the 6th street/road on the left, this will be Pinos Creek Road, turn   left on Pinos Creek Road, continue approximately 11 miles on pavement then 3 more miles on gravel where you will find a Forest Service Info. Board on the right and several hundred feet after the Sign Board there will be a sign for Elk Park and a turn in to the right, then continue your right turn and follow the power line road up the hill for about 2 to 3 hundred feet. This will be the camp area.

Round Mountain Campsite.

Take Hwy. 24 West from Florissant thru Lake George continue west on 24 past the Round Mountain campground sign approximately 3/4 of a mile to Road 31, turn right (North) on 31, stay on 31 for approximately 1 to 1 1/2 miles, watch for a forest road to the right and has a gate in the fence about 3 to 4 hundred feet up the road. The campsite is about 100 ft. beyond the gate.

Saguache campsite.

Take Hwy. 50 thru Salida to Poncha Springs, turn left on Hwy. 285 at Poncha Springs, take Hwy. 285 to Saguache, at Saguache take Hwy. 114 West for approximately 15.1 miles to road 41G, then turn left on road 41G, stay on road 41G for approximately 9 miles, you will see a pond on the right side of the road, just after the  pond there is a sign that says Fullerton Park 3 mi. & Carnero Creek 3 mi. At this point take road 680 left toward Fullerton Park for approximately 1 mile to the campsite.

Fremont rodeo.

ATV Rodeo info, sign in time to start get started 9:00, volunteers about 8:30. Directions, turn S. on 9th st & go to where street hits the barrier(popler st) go straight along west side of cemetary to entrance of the fair grounds, go past buildings and turn in at gate to the rodeo area.

Taylor Park

Instructions start from Buena Vista.
Turn West at the Cottonwood Pass (Road # 306) sign and stop light in Buena Vista, stay on the paved Cottonwood Pass road to the top of Cottonwood Pass where it becomes a dirt road (#209) continue down the West side of Cottonwood Pass until it comes to a T junction with the Taylor River Road (#742), turn left on 742, continue South on 742 to the Taylor Park Trading Post, Tin Cup turn off. Turn left on 765 and continue toward Tin Cup, about 2 miles and the road makes a right turn and crosses a bridge then turns left, continue for 1/2 mile approximately to where the camp area will be on the right side of 765.

Watch for ribbons and signs starting at the 209/742 intersection in the event that the campsite is taken.

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